FYI - this is nice story with great photos - Tom Low has been collaborating on this for a few years - nice to see it maturing and turning out well.

Here's a design after 8 days of charretting in Louisiana: The images are of one study area of the master-plan for the Evangeline Corridor Initiative:

Suburban Sprawl Zone - Passe' Mall and Big Box Commercial slated for an elevated highway hurricane evacuation route

Civic Art Master Plan showing the highway interchange redesigned as a gateway boulevard, circle, arch lined with new urban mixed-use as well as green infrastructure for stormwater management.

As a follow-up to our 7PC Forum in February here is feature on Charlotte Agenda: Let’s make Charlotte world-class: Digging deeper on the 7th Street, Pecan, & Caswell development in Elizabeth

What are some paths one can take when pursuing traditional architecture education?  Here are several stories published by Traditional Building Magazine by a few architects including mine: 

We were invited to take the Civic By Design program on the road with an invitation by Historic Denver and CARTA on the theme of: Bland Buildings Popping Up In Charlotte Are Not So Different From Those in Denver.

The Civic By Design Forum has been continuously featured in media and events throughout its 12 year history.

Here is our 2015 poster collage of event images and a numbered list describing each monthly event.  

See if you can match the images with the specific event.  

Click the poster or here for answers and additional information.

In The News:

Fighting Back Against Ugly Buildings: Charlotte Magazine

Article: Ten Acres That Transformed A City

MIXOPOLY training workshops:

CASQA Monterey, California

Imagine training stormwater engineers to become creative placemakers!  Here are some action shots of Making Neighborhoods with Green Infrastructure training in full swing.

Sterilizing Development is an issue in our historic neighborhoods. Is it possible to grow “the right way,” in a way that protects and even enhances what came before?  Listen on WFAE for the Charlotte Talks episode.

Charlotte Sprawl Repair is a hot topic. Follow the link for a full report!  Listen on WFAE for the Charlotte Talks episode.

In 2014 the Civic By Design Forum received a grant from the Foundation of the Carolinas through its Front Porch Program. This grant facilitates Civic By Design Forums and builds on the Crossroads Charlotte Initiative.

As part of the 2010 Front Porch Grant, the Civic By Design Forum is building a Civic Garden Square for the Charlotte Community School for Girls. The Civic Garden Square will create an interactive space for the students. The partnership will also help to foster a future relationship with the school.

Civic By Design was featured in the Charlotte Observer for the Design Help 5¢ booth. The article highlighted the service of the booth, as well as encouraged people to attend and get helpful information from professionals. The idea of DESIGN HELP 5¢ is that anyone can ask a designer a question for just a nickel. All proceeds will be donated to the local charity Friendship Trays.  The hope is the initial conversation may lead to real work for design participants during the great recession.

The Learning Cottage Initiative was featured in a News Special on WBTV. The clip describes the Initiative in a short segment.